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Climate Change Event In Boise Looks To End Idaho's Dependence On Coal

Aaron Hockley
Flickr Creative Commons

Idaho gets almost half of its electricity from coal-fired plants in nearby states. But where the coal is burned doesn’t change things for Kelsey Nunez. She’s the executive director of the Snake River Alliance and says Idaho’s dependence on the carbon-emitting source needs to end.

Nunez is helping organize the Climate Action Party and Rally, a two-day event that kicks off tonight in Boise. She says this is the first time these groups have come together for such an event.

“A lot of people have different ideas about how they would define the climate change problem and what solutions they think would work and which ones they think we should implement," says Nunez, "and so it’s a conversation more people should be having at a higher level, with more people involved.”

Nunez says rather than focus on differences in policy, they plan to organize on their common goal:

“We can all agree that we need to move away from coal-fired power plants.”

Events include a rally on the steps of the state capitol Saturday at 2 p.m.