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Cold Front To Hit Idaho; Don't Let Your Pipes Freeze

Ben Rogers

Very cold weather is moving into Idaho and that could mean frozen pipes. Suez, the company that handles water for the Treasure Valley, has some tips for homeowners.

If your pipes freeze, the first person to call is your water company. That’s according to Miguel Castro, a Field Service Technician at Suez. He says they can tell you if the problem is in your pipes, or the meter box that belongs to Suez.

Castro says that call could save you some money.

“If it’s something that’s frozen in the meter box, or frozen on our behalf, then we will take care of that in lieu of paying a plumber to do something that we could do for you,” says Castro.

If the problem is not part of Suez equipment, Castro says then it’s time to call the plumber.

He has some tips to avoid frozen pipes. Keep your garage door closed. Close crawl space vents. Disconnect hoses from the outside faucets of your house. If you’re gone for the holidays, don’t turn off the heat, leave it at around 50 degrees. And if you’re in doubt and it’s really cold, open the sink cabinet doors and leave a trickle of water running.

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