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Air Force Extends War Games Public Comment Period

Matt Hintsa
Flickr Creative Commons

The U.S. Air Force is giving Idahoans more time to comment on up to 160 proposed war game flights over nine cities, including Boise.

The proposed training involves fighter jets flying as low as 10,000 feet around the center of urban areas using “low-power, eye-safe” lasers. Airmen dressed in street clothes will practice communicating with the jets from the ground.

The Air Force says they chose Boise as one of the sites because it’s the only big city near Mountain Home Air Force Base.

Officials say experience flying near tall buildings is vital training for their pilots. Some Idahoans are concerned about these permanent training exercises.

But, the draft Environmental Assessment found the trainings won’t have much effect on noise levels, air quality or public safety.

People can comment on the draft until October 20th. After that, the Air Force will make its final decision.


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