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Idaho Launches New Campaign To Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

Drugs, substance abuse
Ed Wohlfahrt
Flickr Creative Commons

  Idaho's drug czar has launched a new campaign focused on the abuse and myths of prescription drug abuse.

Office of Drug Policy Administrator Elisha Figueroa announced the campaign Monday in coordination with the Idaho Prescription Drug Abuse Workgroup.

Together, the groups are getting behind a statewide multimedia blitz to educate teens and adults on the dangers of abusing prescription drugs.

The "Be Aware. Don't Share" effort begins Wednesday and will feature public service announcements on television, radio and in print. A website at www.LockYourMedsIdaho.org has also been created.

Statistics show one in five Idaho teens admit taking a prescription drug without a doctor's consent at least once in their life.

Figueroa says easy access to prescription medicine is helping create an increase in misuse, abuse and overdose deaths.