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Victims, Suspect Identified in Oregon Mall Shooting

Courtesy of Clackamas County Sherriff's Department

The Clackamas County Sheriff's department has identified victims of Tuesday's shooting at Clackamas Town Center mall. 

The victims who died were 54-year old Cindy Yuille, a registered nurse, and 43-year-old Steven Forsyth from West Linn, who owned a business in the mall. There's no information about how or when their deaths occurred. Police also didn't have specifics about whether the shooter killed himself before or after police saw him. 

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts identified the suspect as 22-year old Jacob Taylor Roberts, of Portland. There's no relation to the sheriff.

The Sheriff credited three factors with preventing the loss of more lives. First was the fact that the shooter's gun jammed, the mall's plan for managing crisis incidents, and the actions of shoppers and staff who helped others get out fast. 

Craig Roberts says, "Ten thousand people at the mall kept a level head. They got themselves out. They helped others get out.

Police say Jacob Roberts lived in a neighborhood of small homes just a couple of miles north of Clackamas Town Center, where the shooting took place. 

Neighbors don't know much about his circumstances.  Anthony Rayes lives next-door and knew Roberts only well enough to say "hi" as he went to work. 

"….I'm shocked, don't know what to do," Rayes said. "Now I have to protect my family more and more. I didn't know my neighbor would actually be in that situation. I'm really in awe right now… I'm just… shock."

Police say Roberts used an AR 15 semi automatic rifle. It's a weapon they say he stole from someone he knew. 

They say Roberts wore a face mask -- similar to a hockey mask -- and carried several fully loaded magazines. 

Police say he had no relationship with his victims. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about what Roberts had been doing the last few days is asked to call the Clackamas Sheriff's Department non emergency number.

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