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One Idaho Writer Profiles World War II Heroes From Mountain Home

Photo provided by family via Richard Bennett
Worth Lee, his wife and their daughter Pat.

On this Veterans Day, veterans of World War II are disappearing at a rapid rate. Many veterans of that era never talked about their wartime experiences and came back from the war to live otherwise ordinary lives.

Richard Bennett is a freelance writer who grew up in Mountain Home after World War II. What he didn’t know then was how many of the men who lived in his small town had gone off to war. It wasn’t until much later, as he began to research their history, that he learned about the contributions they had made during that period.

Last weekend, Bennett profiled 16 men from Mountain Home who served in World War II. The stories appeared in the Idaho Statesman.

Bennett says he started doing some research for another story, when he got the idea to tell the stories of his hometown heroes.

Bennett says after his veterans profiles were published  last weekend, his Facebook page started lighting up. He’s heard about another half dozen people in Mountain Home who served in World War II. You can read the first 16 profiles here.

Bennett has a new book, titled Rock Creek, about a chapter in Idaho history coming out on Thanksgiving on Amazon.com.

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