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Tax Scams Heat Up In Idaho As Filing Deadline Looms

Seth Perlman
Associated Press

If you’re e-filing your taxes as next week’s deadline looms, and your return is rejected, you may be the victim of identity theft. The Idaho Tax Commission has already seen cases of fraudulent returns.

Since January, the Idaho Tax Commission has prevented the theft of close to $300,000 in Idaho refunds that were targeted by criminals.

Tawnya Eldredge is the Commission’s identity theft assistance coordinator.

"We’re hearing about more and more data breaches every day," says Eldredge. "This means that the odds are increasing that someone will use your identity at some point."

Criminals use a number of scams to get taxpayer info. That includes phone callers pretending to be the IRS and phishing emails that try to get copies of your W-2.

Eldredge says if you think you are a victim, call the Tax Commission so they can clear up any tax issues and get a refund. You should also file a police report, a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and monitor your bank and credit accounts for suspicious activity.

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