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New Allegations Made Against Idaho's Department Of Correction

Scott Ki
Boise State Public Radio
Idaho State Correctional Institution

New allegations of misconduct at the Idaho State Correctional Institution have surfaced in a court case that dates back to 1981.

The accusations include destroying, altering, or falsifying prisoner medical records. The state is also accused of deceiving a special investigator whose job it is to keep the state in line with past rulings in the case.

Boise Weekly reporter George Prentice says the new filings in the case cover hundreds of pages and include new depositions.

The matter is a continuation of the lawsuit known as Balla vs. Idaho. That suit dealt with overcrowding and access to medical care in state prisons. Attorneys in the case have filed new accusations, which Boise Weekly reports will be read in federal court later this month.

Prentice says some of the filings are from clinicians who work at the prison.

Attorneys making the allegations want a judge to order sanctions against the state for what they say is misconduct and a cover-up at the facility near Boise.

The state has declined comment on the allegations. 

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