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Nampa Police Take On Local Kids In A Good Old Fashioned Ball Game

Nampa Police Department

Last night, the Nampa Police Department turned into baseball players to show kids a good time.

The Department got a call from a gentleman who said the neighbor kids were playing baseball in a yard with a metal ball and bat. He was worried about property damage and wanted the police to respond.

Sergeant Tim Riha says a call went out through the Department asking for volunteers for this particular case. A group of them responded, found the neighbor kids and talked to them about being careful of other people’s property. Then cops and kids all headed down to Lion’s Park, to play a little baseball.

Riha says NPD’s Facebook team is made up of volunteers who work at the Department. They heard about the game and brought a camera along. That led to this video, showing off the moves of the kids, and the NPD:

Riha says everyone, even police officers, like to have a good time on the ball field.“It was a chance to show the world we’re all human, including police officers,” Spokesman Riha said.

Decked out in full cop gear, the officers make a pretty good showing, but the kids held their own. After a couple of innings, the group parted as friends.

“It’s something they’ll remember for a long time,” says Riha.

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