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Boise Police Ask For Help In Cold Case Murder

Boise Police Department
Cold Case

Boise Police are trying to crack a murder case that’s 39 years old. Despite the passing of time, they’re hoping for new leads in a Cold Case that happened back in 1977.

The Crime: It was April 20, 1977. Oney Leiby, 62, was a night watchman at Thriftway Lumber in Boise. He was murdered in the middle of the night while on duty, leaving behind a wife and two grown sons.

The Investigation: Back in 1977, Boise Police investigated the crime. There were several possible subjects, all were interviewed. No one was ever arrested in connection to Leiby’s murder.

Fast Forward To Today: This April marked the 38th anniversary of Leiby’s murder. Boise Police Detective Monte Iverson has teamed up with Leiby’s grandson. Although so much time has passed, they hope someone might be willing to come forward with new information. Leiby’s family says someone may know about the murder and, according to police, may have been struggling “with their own silence for the past four decades.” The hope is, by spotlighting the case, someone will come forward with information or evidence.

How To Help: Call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS. Callers can be anonymous. Or leave a web tip at 343COPS.Com. Or try a new free app, P3. Type in P3 tips in iTunes or in the Google Play store.

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