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In Shadow Of Impeachment Hearings, Boise State Professor Advocates For News Literacy

U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC
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Following two weeks of marathon impeachment inquiry hearings, the U.S. House Intelligence Committee has recessed for the holiday, leaving it for Americans to debate the issue at the Thanksgiving table. While some argue the hearings process is ultimately a legal proceeding, others say it's pure politics.

Dr. Seth Ashley, an associate professor in the Department of Communication and Media at Boise State University, has authored and co-authored many studies on news literacy and is the co-author of "American Journalism and Fake News: Examining the Facts." During a conversation with Morning Edition host George Prentice, Ashley said while the debate rages between partisans, it's also a unique opportunity for Americans to "find the closest version of the truth that they can."

“It’s not only the political divide, but the divide between the people who are tuning in and paying attention and the people who are tuning out. It’s true that people should be doing their best to get a sense of what’s going on and find the closest version of the truth that they can.”

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