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Can we save Idaho's pollinators?
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No More Birds And Bees: Pollinator Decline In Idaho

A closeup of a yellow bee pollinating a lavender flower.
Jodi Nakashima

No More Birds And Bees: Pollinator Decline In Idaho

Growth in the Treasure Valley is contributing to pollinator decline by eliminating plants birds and bees need to survive. But a new project is designed to bring those insects (and beautiful flowers!🌻 ) into hundreds of backyards. Will it make a dent?

The Treasure Valley Pollinator Project is the brainchild of the Ada Soil & Water Conservation District. The idea is to put 64,000 plants into the hands of people who live in the Treasure Valley. And not just any plants. The 32 varieties were picked to attract and feed moths, birds and other pollinators all summer long, while participants learn about their habitat.

We joined the project and got behind-the-scenes access to experts and information to learn more about pollinators. And we went out into the Treasure Valley to find out more about pollinators, their habitat and their future. We plan to share what we found with you with our new series, “No More Birds and Bees: Pollinator Decline In Idaho.”

Do you want to be a “Pollinator Champion” and turn your yard into an oasis for every bird and bee that comes by? We’ll find out how. Want to be a “Pollinator Weekend Warrior” and just spend an hour or two a week to help the bugs? We’ll learn about that too. Do you want to learn about the threats pollinators face? How about how those 64,000 plants are doing? Or which flowers might help pollinators in your yard? This summer, we’ll cover it all.

So tune into Idaho Matters each Thursday starting July 29, watch our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and come back here to learn, laugh and help pollinators thrive!