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Boise State’s Andrus Center Gets New Leader

David Adler will take the reins of the Andrus Center for Public Policy in July.

Boise State’s Andrus Center for Public Policy has a new director. David Adler will take the reins of the nonpartisan center in July. Adler has spent the past two years as founding director of the McClure Center for Public Policy at the University of Idaho. Before that he taught political science at Idaho State University. Adler says coming to Boise provides some unique opportunities.

“You’re at the pulse of politics; you’re at the seat of power. Represents an opportunity to improve connections and to engage in academic outreach by virtue of the location and it’s easier I think to accomplish some of these important public affairs goals.”

Adler says under his watch the Andrus Center will continue its work on natural resources, the environment, and other issues important to the western United States but he wants to expand its focus to some of his passions. Those include the constitution, the presidency, and civic education.