Supporters Of Medicaid Expansion Go On Tour In Idaho

Aug 23, 2018

The so-called Medicaid Express bus is on a two-week tour of Idaho to promote a “Yes” vote on an initiative to expand Medicaid in the Gem State. 

The grassroots group Reclaim Idaho gathered more than 56,000 signatures to put Proposition Two on the ballot in November. Now, the group is traveling around the state in an RV to get people to vote “Yes” on the initiative on election day.

Luke Mayville is one of the co-founders of Reclaim Idaho.

“This will extend health care, it will change the lives of 62,000 people who don’t currently have health insurance because they fall into what we call the gap, the Medicaid Gap,” says Mayville.

The gap includes people who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but too little for a federal health insurance subsidy.

Opponents of the expansion say it will cost taxpayer dollars. Mayville counters Idahoans are already paying for the uninsured, both in and out of the state.

Speaking on Idaho Matters, Mayville says he’s heard some people say rural Idaho is against the expansion, but, traveling around the state, he says: “It’s entirely the opposite because it’s in rural communities where you find hospitals that are on the brink of closing because they don’t have clients because so many of the people in these rural counties are uninsured.”

Proposition Two goes up for a vote in Idaho November 6th.

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