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The Childers

About Charles and Lorraine Childers

Credit Shelley McEuen

While Charles and Lorraine were consistent public radio listeners and members, Boise State Public Radio was unaware of plans to include the station in their estate plans. At the end of his life, Charles created a will and named several charities in his estate plans, unbeknownst to most. While the Childers were relatively modest donors to Boise State Public Radio – their lifetime gifts totaled about $500 in total – this gift totaled nearly $1.1 million.

Charles Childers grew up on a farm in Caldwell and went to the University of California Berkeley to obtain an engineering degree. Charles was also an Army veteran and spent time stationed in Japan during the Korean War. Following his service, he returned to Idaho, working for Idaho Power his entire career.

Lorraine, who passed away in 2015, was born in South Dakota and graduated from Kaiser School of Nursing in Oakland. She served our community through her career as a nurse.

The Childers married in their 40s and had no children. Charles passed away in July of 2019 at the age of 90.

With this gift, Boise State Public Radio has created an endowment to support the station’s local journalism, a first for the station. Charles was a conservative spender, and savvy investor, the Endowment for Local News is our way of honoring their legacy.