Candidates For Idaho Governor Dis Washington's Legal Pot

Oct 6, 2014
Originally published on October 6, 2014 9:36 am

Washington's law legalizing recreational marijuana made its way into Idaho's gubernatorial debate on Friday.

Idaho has not legalized pot in any form, unlike most of its neighbors. The candidates were asked if they'd be willing to change that.

The question was posed in a business-friendly way. Should Idaho legalize marijuana to compete economically with border states like Washington -- and potentially Oregon and Montana?

Incumbent Republican Governor Butch Otter had two words for that: “No and no.”

Otter's Democratic opponent A.J. Balukoff says he's also against it -- on public health grounds.

But Libertarian candidate John Bujak said if the legislature passed a bill legalizing pot, he’d sign that bill.

He said Idaho should also feel emboldened by Washington's law and consider standing up to the federal government on issues Idaho thinks are important, like land management.

“Because perhaps with these other states where they've legalized marijuana, the federal government would do … nothing,” Bujak said.

The independent candidate, whose legal name is Pro-Life, said not only should pot be illegal but so should gambling and alcohol.

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