New Kuna Subdivision Borrows Street Names From HBO's 'Game Of Thrones'

Apr 4, 2018

Some parts of the country have pretty normal street names, like 1st Avenue and Elm Street. Now, the large number of new southern Idaho subdivisions is challenging developers to come up with unique street designations.

There's a development in north Meridian called Paramount, like the movie studio. Most of the streets are named after movie starts, like Bacall for Lauren Bacall and Cagney for James Cagney. Others carry titles like Director and Producer.

But a new subdivision in north Kuna takes street names to the next level, bringing in the fictional world of the hit HBO TV show "Game of Thrones." 

According to BoiseDev, the new Silver Trail subdivision near Ten Mile and Columbia roads will feature streets named Baratheon Avenue, after the former ruler of the Seven Kingdoms in the series, and Rickon Street, a son of protagonist Eddard Stark.

Jennell Hall of B&A Architects came up with the names after the Ada County Street Names Committee turned down earlier ideas like This Avenue and That Street.

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