Record-Breaking Fish Pulled Out Of Lake Cascade

Dec 21, 2017

Credit David Gassel / Idaho Fish and Game

A picture is worth ... 9.04 pounds.

In this case, Meridian fisherman Dave Gassel reeled in this largescale sucker and broke the record in Idaho. He pulled the fish out of Lake Cascade.

The record was last set by Patrick Perry back in 2005, who pulled in an 8.42 sucker, out of the same lake.

Idaho Fish and Game says Idaho has six different species of suckers. More than 60 kinds of suckers call the U.S. and Canada home.

Suckers are not carp and spend time on the bottom of rivers. They eat algae and snails and clams and insects. They get eaten a lot too, by birds and mammals.

Check out Idaho's list of record fish here.

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