Test Confirms Ketchum 'Puppy' Is All Wolf

Jun 12, 2012

A puppy, picked up by campers in Ketchum last month, is a wild wolf.  The Idaho Department of Fish and Game confirmed that Tuesday after a DNA test came back positive. 

Out of town campers picked up what they thought was a lost puppy and took it to a vet.  The pup ended up at Zoo Boise, who has been caring for it.  He is gaining weight and his health is improving. 

Fish and Game searched for a wolf pack near where the pup was found, but couldn’t find one.  They speculate the pack was moving the puppy and may have been disturbed by traffic on the road. 

Now that officials know it’s a real wolf, Zoo Boise has offered to find a zoo that can take the puppy.  Fish and Game reminds everyone to leave young animals in the wild alone.