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How The Hit Show 'Breaking Bad' Has Changed Aaron Paul's Idaho Family

Courtsey Danielle Hart

The final episode of Breaking Bad airs Sunday. After six years, star Aaron Paul will end his run as the complex meth cook and drug addict Jesse Pinkman.

Paul's sister says the show has changed the Boise native and their family.

"He's just become more comfortable," says Danielle Hart. "Before, he had a hard time accepting the admiration, if you will. I think that has to do with the show and the show's popularity."

Hart thinks the preparation her brother went through to play a character so deep in the drug world has bled over into his own life.

"He visited people that were on drugs and was kind of right there," she says. "He saw people shooting up.  And I think that made him a stronger person. He's able to see the world in a different way because of it."

Paul grew up in Boise as Aaron Sturtevant, the son of a local minister. Hart says she and her siblings had a near perfect upbringing, but admits they were sheltered.

"We weren't able to go to movies, we weren't able to go dances, church three times a week - that kind of thing.  So just bringing Hollywood into my parents' lives, it's kind of opened them up to a different world.  They're extremely proud of everything [Aaron's] done."

Hart says she doesn't know how Breaking Bad will end. "I don't want to know," she says. "He would probably tell me if I really wanted to know. He wouldn't be happy about it, but he would tell me if I wanted to know."

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