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New Giraffe Arrives At Zoo Boise

Zoo Boise
Jabari and Tafari get acquainted at Zoo Boise.

Tafari, Zoo Boise’s new giraffe, has arrived. The two-year-old giraffe from the Milwaukee County Zoo will join Jabari at Zoo Boise.

Jabari was left alone in April when his friend Julius Longfellow tore some muscles in his shoulder and had to be put down. That left Jabari without a playmate.

In May, Zoo Boise Director Steve Burns said they tried to find Jabari a female companion but none were available. So they found Tafari, a word from African origin that means “he who inspires awe,” according to the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Zoo Boise started a fundraising effort to pay for the customized trailer trip to get Tafari to Idaho. After nearly 300 donors raised more than $20,000, Tafari made the trip this weekend, after it cooled off a bit.

Zoo Boise says Tafari is adjusting nicely to his new home at the Zoo and has already met Jabari at the African Plains Exhibit.

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