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He's Baaaack! Organizer Of Cascade Eclipse Festival That Flopped Trying Halloween Party

Paul Moody/Flickr Creative Commons

The solar eclipse that crossed America from coast to coast was a once in a lifetime experience. All over Idaho, cities in the path of totality held events to celebrate the occasion. While crowds weren’t as big as expected, one event in Cascade failed to launch. The man behind that venture is back attempting another festival.

The name Jeff Webb probably doesn’t ring any bells, but his eclipse festival in Cascade got national attention – and not for the right reasons. It was a flop.

“So, I lost about $20,000 and I got $1,800 back,” he says, recollecting the hit to his pocketbook.

Webb is a physical therapist who also loves music. He decided to put on the Cascade eclipse festival on a lark, sinking twenty grand into the party.

“By the time I got my permit, I had three weeks before the event and I put together eight bands,” he says. “I rented 22 port-a-potties – which were like gold at that time. So, that was over $7,000.”

Tack on the cost of getting a stage, lights, food and security, and the bills add up quickly. Remarkably, Webb isn’t bitter and is actually planning another big event for Halloween – this time in Meridian. He says he’s put more time and planning into this latest festival, and, like the last one, there’ll be food and music.

“Three of the bands that are going to be there are actually just donating their time because they want to help me get my credit cards paid off from the last event,” he says with a laugh.

He notes this latest festival, christened the “Haunted Barn Bash,” is only costing him a little over $1,000.

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