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Seasonal Firework Stand Raises College Funds For Idaho Family

For pyromaniacs and patriots alike, fireworks on the Fourth of July are a long-standing tradition. For some families, though, it’s also about some extra income.


Every summer, Graciela Thompson takes a week of vacation from her job as a sales tax analyst to sell fireworks at one of these stands with her family.


Originally from Mazatlan, Mexico, Thompson says she’s always heard about Independence Day, but it’s different to actually be a part of the culture.


“I knew a long time ago about the Fourth of July,” Thompson says. “I can see it now that I am here standing — people buy a lot of fireworks!”


In the past, they’ve used the profits from their stand to fund family trips. But this year, Thompson says they need the money to drive their son to college across the country, where he’ll start in the fall. 


As Idaho’s fire season approaches, Graciela says they’re cautious when selling fireworks. They do their best to educate and warn customers about the possible dangers. 


The Thompson Family stand will close up after the Fourth, and then it’s back to the tax business. 


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