Molly Wampler

Idaho Matters Production Assistant

Molly Wampler is a newsroom intern at Boise State Public Radio. Originally from Berkeley, California, she just graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Washington state. There, Molly worked for her university's newspaper but is stoked to try her hand at and learn all there is to learn about radio journalism.

In her free time, Molly loves biking, cooking, and figuring out what she actually likes to do for fun now that weekends aren't monopolized by schoolwork.

Madison Park / Boise State University

Graduate students spend years researching and writing about one single topic. They leave university with knowledge and information many people will never understand. And that’s a problem — a problem an unusual competition seeks to solve.

Idaho National Laboratory

Before Mark Peters joined the Idaho National Laboratory as Director in 2015, he worked at several other national labs across the U.S. managing projects dealing with nuclear energy and national security.

Jared Zissu / Fly Fishing Film Tour


Though fishing was long used just for sustenance, it has evolved into a sport celebrated around the world. 

Stephen Chin / Flickr Creative Commons

Programs to get kids into coding have been popping up all over in the past several years. Idaho has been no different. 

Renderings by Pivot Architecture

Three-quarters of Treasure Valley residents say they want better public transportation, according to a Boise State survey. But with low funding, limited routes and challenges with sprawl, most commuters have to rely on their cars to get around. So where do we go from here?

Idaho Fish and Game


Ponds freeze over in the winter, but fish are still swimming underneath beneath the ice. So why wait ’til spring to break out the fishing rod? Drill a hole in the ice and you’re good to go. 

Jay Rasgorshek / Rasgorshek Illustration


Jay Rasgorshek is a scientific illustrator and co-curator of the “Picturing Science in Illustration and Art” exhibit at Boise State University. 

Boise State University Special Collections and Archives

What was Boise like in the 1930s? 

Special Collections at John Hopkins University / Flickr Creative Commons


This year marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage here in Idaho. This gave women the right to vote, but not all women. 

Shawn Clover / Flickr Creative Commons


Nation states, ideas of rights and power, and Shay’s Rebellion are subjects that may have left many of our minds after high school. But these topics are critical to understanding the history of our country and the constitution that supports it. 

Screenshot from Deviant Kin youtube footage. / Idaho Bluegrass Association


Bluegrass music is making a comeback in Idaho. The Idaho Bluegrass Association has been around since the 1980s, but after membership waned, the group’s popularity has taken off in the past few years. Supported by new members and leadership, the group is putting on the first Idaho Bluegrass Winterfest this weekend in Boise. 

Melissa Shelby / Idaho Sled Dog Challenge


For the third year in a row, the McCall Winter Festival will host a dog sled race. But this isn’t just any race. Organized by people involved with the Iditarod, the Idaho Dog Sled Challenge is 300 miles long. And with more than 44,000 feet of elevation change on the course, mushers call this a 500 mile race packed into 300. 

Bogus Basin


This week’s snowfall in the Treasure Valley means only one thing: ski season is here. Idaho Matters talked with Tamarack Resort’s President Jon Reveal and Bogus Basin’s General Manager Brad Wilson about the season so far. 

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  • An update on this ski season. 
  • You Know The Place takes a hot springs dip.

City of Tetonia

The small town of Tetonia, Idaho will celebrate their 9th annual Snow Plane Rally this weekend. Not sure what a "snow plane" is? Despite it's name, the devices never leave the ground, but move over the snow on skis powered by propellers.

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  • The Work Travel Visa in Idaho. 
  • Freeing an innocent prisoner.  
  • A new meditation studio.
  • An Eastern Idaho snow plane rally.

STR / AP Images


The National Interagency Fire Center in Boise has sent wildfire supression crews to help fight the Australian Bushfires. NIFC spokesperson Jessica Gardetto talks more about how countries share resources and how changing fire seasons are impacting the need for firefighters internationally. 

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  • Idaho's fire crews in Australia. 
  • The annual Women's March.
  • Olympic runner and trainer visits Boise.

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  • Wolf reintroduction, 25 years later. 
  • A campaign to change medical neglect laws.
  • Portland's biking film fest stops in Boise.
  • Oscar nominations are in.

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  • The Reporter Roundtable. 
  • Idaho's newest lawmaker.

J. Stephen Conn / Flickr Creative Commons


Idaho Fish and Game just reopened steelhead fishing along the Clearwater River after dismal returns last year. Closing fisheries for a season helps grow fish stocks which is important for ecology and ensures future seasons will be very fishable. 

But what happens in small towns whose economies rely on fishing? We talk with Roy Akins who owns Rapid River Outfitters in Riggins, along with Lance Hebdon of Idaho Fish and Game. 

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  • Boise State professor breaks down Iran tensions. 
  • Idaho gets a federal preschool development grant.
  • Wood River Valley 7th graders design drones.
  • Steelhead fishing economy in Idaho.

Winston Moore

  Winston Moore is an Idaho angler who has been making fishing history for over 80 years. In that time, he’s developed new techniques for catching trout and remembers a time when he’d be the only fisherman on miles and miles of beach. He joins Idaho Matters ahead of his Thursday evening lecture at 6:30 p.m. at St. Alphonsus in Boise. 

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  • Criminal justice reform. 
  • Rethinking what we know about Alzheimer's.
  • Angler discusses his 80-year fishing legacy.
  • An Idaho dance troupe featured in "Dance Mag."

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  • A recap of the State of the State. 
  • The uncertain future of the Eagle foothills.
  • Lunch for Literacy's 2020 speaker on reading.
  • Idaho's college savings program is changing.