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Newsroom Intern

Molly Wampler is a newsroom intern at Boise State Public Radio. Originally from Berkeley, California, she just graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Washington state. There, Molly worked for her university's newspaper but is stoked to try her hand at and learn all there is to learn about radio journalism.

In her free time, Molly loves biking, cooking, and figuring out what she actually likes to do for fun now that weekends aren't monopolized by schoolwork.

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Ten Mile Road in Meridian is getting an upgrade.


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Political analyst Jasper LiCalzi said the momentum from Lauren McLean’s lead in the general election carried her through to a decisive victory against Mayor Dave Bieter.


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As an outpouring of mourning continues for nine members of an Idaho Falls family killed in a Saturday plane crash, federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident


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The number of Steelhead trout returning to Idaho rivers from the ocean this fall was so low that Idaho Fish and Game banned Steelhead fishing on the Clearwater River. 

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A new exhibit has opened at the Discovery Center of Idaho. On display is a cast of Tinker, the most intact fossil of a juvenile T-Rex that exists anywhere in the world. Idaho Matters talks with the education director of the museum.

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Molly Wampler / Boise State Public Radio

Boise’s runoff election for mayor is less than two weeks away. Here’s why some Boise residents headed to the polls early to vote.


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Jewelry, tableware, clothing and chocolates. What do these things all have in common? You can find all of them at the Handmade Idaho market, all of which are produced by local vendors. Idaho Matters talks with market organizers about their upcoming holiday event.


Boise mayoral candidate Lauren McLean announced Tuesday after their debate that she won’t debate incumbent Dave Bieter ahead of the runoff election next month.


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Every year, Idaho Philanthropy Day honors companies, nonprofits and individuals for their philanthropic efforts. There is also a category for youth engagement. Idaho Matters talks with three extraordinary young people who have done a lot to support nonprofit work, all while keeping up with their studies. 

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If a wildfire was threatening your home, would you evacuate? What if the threat was only about the smoke, would your answer change?


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The historic results of the mayoral race in Boise on Tuesday brings attention to the role money plays in local political campaigns. 


New York Times bestselling author and Idaho native Cynthia Hand’s ninth book comes out today.


Molly Wampler, Boise State Public Radio

Earlier this fall, San Francisco International Airport banned the sale of plastic water bottles. SFO is instead stocking its shelves with alternatives: bottles made of aluminum, glass or compostable material.



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Ada County has hosted a mobile voting unit since 2016. 

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Twenty-four snow guns whir up and down the slopes at Bogus Basin. The machines look like giant fans spewing clouds of snow.



The Ada County Highway District Commission voted on the evening of Wednesday Oct. 23 to approve the 11th Street Bikeway Project in Boise.



Ken Salazar served as Secretary of the Interior for President Barack Obama. He’s speaking in Idaho next week on the role the U.S. plays in global climate change negotiations and is critical of the current administration’s attention to climate change.



Emissions from Boise metro area traffic have gone up almost 146% over the last two decades, according to a New York Times analysis published Wednesday from Boston University’s data. Pollution from transportation grew faster than the area's population, resulting in a 12% pollution increase per capita from 1990-2017.

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A proposed crackdown on Airbnbs and other short-term rentals by Boise Mayor Dave Bieter would regulate how property owners can rent out their spaces. He hopes any new rules will create more affordable long-term rentals.


But some Boise realtors are pushing back.


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Boise State University, like most college campuses, has programs to keep students, faculty and staff safe. Boise State partners with the app Rave Guardian, which connects users to help when they need it. 

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The near-freezing night temperatures of the last week in Boise make it hard to remember that just a month ago, the city was close to triple digits. Is winter early this year, or is this quick transition actually pretty normal?


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The frustration that comes with sitting at a red light in an empty intersection is familiar to everyone on the road. But Idaho law allows bikers to treat red lights as stop signs. They can proceed through the intersection once it’s safe.


Museum Of Idaho

The Idaho Falls Museum re-opened this Saturday, with a new space nearly double the size of the original venue. Idaho Matters takes an in-depth look at the new remodel of this attraction aimed at educating more people on the history of the Gem State.

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Wednesday, Sept. 25 is the third and final night of the 12th annual Idaho Youth Barbershop Festival in Boise. More than 1,000 high school and junior high students from across the state gather over these three days to showcase their a cappella, four-part harmony skills.


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Antsy toddlers and fussy babies are not typically accepted in live theater. Theater-goers expect an attentive, quiet audience. But Company of Fools, a Wood River Valley theater company, is challenging that expectation.