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Nampa Voters Agree To Multimillion Dollar School Levy

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Updated 11:30 A.M.: Teachers, administrators and parents in the Nampa School Districtare likely breathing a sigh of relief. Nearly three quarters of voters said yes to a $4.3 million levy request Tuesday.

That money is intended to fill a budget deficit of the same amount caused by accounting errors. The district had already cut $600,000 from the substitute teaching budget and saved nearly as much through employee furloughs. Officials said if the levy did not pass more drastic cuts would have to be made this year and next.

The Payette School District had also predicted serious consequences if a levy did not pass. Officials there said a small elementary would need to close sending students to other district schools. But voters approved a two year $1.4 million levy.

In the Magic Valley, two-thirds of voters in the Twin Falls School District approved a levy to raise $9 million over two years. The Times-News reports the money was necessary to keep existing programs in place and avoid furloughs.

Camus County voters renewed levies for the 8th year in a row. They total $250,000 and help shore up the general budget and pay for arts programs in the district of 150 students. More than 85 percent of voters said yes to keeping the levies in place.

A levy in Middleton failed to get the super majority it needed to pass. Levies in Cassia County and the Hansen School District also failed, by slim margins.  And the Post Register reports that the Salmon School District has failed to pass a bond to build a new school for the eighth year in a row.

Updated 11:30 A.M.: Results are now in from Idaho counties that did not have results ready Tuesday night. The levies below all passed for two years.

  • Cascade: $1 million
  • Horseshoe Bend: $600,000
  • New Meadows: $190,000
  • Jerome: $1.3 million
  • Gooding: $510,000
  • Challis: $400,000
  •  Ririe: $385,000
  • Butte: two levies totaling $225,000
  • Mackay: $150,000

( Idaho Education News, Twin Falls Times-News and the Idaho Falls Post Register were used as sources to compile this list.)
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