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There are at least 180 firearms and ammunition makers in Idaho, and the state is looking for more.After all: Idaho is a gun-friendly state. Why not encourage gun manufacturers to come in and set up shop?

Hearing Draws Mixed Views On Arming North Idaho Teachers

A public hearing on a proposal that would allow school teachers in a northern Idaho school district to carry weapons is drawing mixed reviews from parents and faculty.

The Lake Pend Oreille School Board hosted the hearing in Sandpoint Tuesday night to gage public reaction to the idea.

About 300 people turned out to offer their opinions, with more than half of those testifying supporting the plan or pushing for more serious study.

Last month, board chairman Steve Youngdahl introduced a plan to beef up school security that would place guns in secure locations inside schools and train select staff to use them.

No action was taken after the 90-minute hearing. The board will now schedule a work session to do more study on the proposal.