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Tax Shift Of 2006 Adds Up To Tax Increase

J. Scott Applewhite

In August 2006, then-Gov. Jim Risch promised Idahoans $260 million in property tax relief.

He did deliver a tax cut to property owners.

But he did not deliver Idahoans an overall tax cut, according to an in-depth Idaho Education News analysis.

Instead, in 2015-16, Idahoans paid an additional $21.7 million for K-12 than they would have paid under the old tax structure — mostly because they now pay a higher sales tax. 

By the same token, that also means schools are collecting more tax dollars than they would have received under the pre-2006 tax structure. But there are winners and losers. The losers: 18 of Idaho’s 115 school districts are collecting fewer state and local dollars than they did a decade ago, when the Risch tax shift went into law. The winners: 26 districts are collecting more local property tax dollars than they did a decade ago.

Click here to read the entire story from Idaho Education News.

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