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Boise School District COVID-19 Transmission Rates Reportedly Low, Despite Statewide Surge

Melinda Shelton

The Boise School District board met with local health professionals last night to discuss the spread of COVID-19 in schools, as cases surge statewide.


Ada County added 364 cases on Monday alone. But, many school districts in the county continue to have some form of in-person instruction. Dr. Mark Nassir is president of the Saint Alphonsus Medical Group. He said thankfully, school spread has been limited, “which has led us to feel supportive of continuing the school plans as they are.”

However, cases in the school district are growing. There have been 40 secondary school cases and 31 elementary school cases reported since November 3. 

Nassir said the community’s transmission rates are concerning too, so the district needs to continually reassess. 

“That’s really we’re all about doing, the continuous reassessment, make sure that we are on the right track,” said Nassir.

Nassir said that if the school district keeps doing what they’re doing, the risk shouldn’t increase. So for now, the Boise School district will remain open — under a watchful eye. 

Correction: This story initially misidentified Dr. Mark Nassir. The text has been corrected. 


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