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Whether you're a lifelong Idahoan or a transplant just now settling in, chances are you've probably had a moment or two like this:You're driving down Capitol Boulevard in Boise or camping along the Salmon River and you've seen something that makes you wonder, What's up with that?Maybe it's as simple as, "Why are there so many Abraham Lincoln statues in downtown Boise?"Or maybe it's more complicated, like, "What are the pros and cons of bringing the F-35 to Boise?" Wanna Know Idaho is a people-powered podcast from Boise State Public Radio's newsroom that is driven by YOUR curiosity. We can't make this podcast without you.Here's how it works: You submit your questions to Wanna Know Idaho. After we collect questions, we'll let the public vote on the one they want us to answer most. Then, a reporter will investigate the winning question and we'll share what we learn on the podcast.Let's get started! Share your questions below, and subscribe to the podcast here.00000176-d8fc-dce8-adff-faff73380000

How Did The Bonneville Flood Help Shape The Snake River Canyon?

Karen A. Demsey

The Snake River Canyon is an iconic landscape -- especially for people who live in central Idaho. And one of our listeners from Twin Falls was curious to know more about how it was formed.

"I’d like to know more about the Bonneville Flood and its relationship to the Snake River Canyon," asked Boise State Public Radio News listener Nancy Pizzi.

So we turned to a geologist who has spent years studying the event to help answer her question.

Jim O’Connor works for the U.S. Geological Survey based in Portland, Oregon. He’s studied the Bonneville Flood and he once spent three summers on the Snake River Plain putting together his Ph.D. thesis on the event.

Samantha Wright started off asking O’Connor when the Bonneville Flood happened.

Credit Jim O'Connor

This story is our latest installment in our “Wanna Know Idaho” series and came from Nancy Pizzi. If you don't want to miss any of our Wanna Know Idaho stories, be sure to subscribe to the podcast!

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