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Breweries Pilot Wastewater Project With City Of Boise

Lost Grove Brewery
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Lost Grove Brewery is one of four to join a pilot project with the City of Boise where sanitized wastewater will be turned into beer.

Water is one of the key ingredients in craft beer – and it’s used a lot throughout the entire craft brewing process. But what if there were a way to recycle wastewater and turn it into beer?

Kylie Bolland gets why some people might be a little surprised to hear that Lost Grove Brewing in Boise will soon serve beer made from wastewater.

“It is kind of awkward to talk about it," says Bolland. "Because some people have been like, ‘uh, that’s really gross.’ But basically the way they’re treating it is like the purest water possible.”

Bolland is the manager of the brewery, which is one of four participating in the pilot project, dubbed Pure Water Brew Boise.

“I think Boise is very environmentally conscious. So we also thought this was a great market to introduce this and that we’re going to get more people excited to try it and excited to try more sustainable practices.”

The city is working with a county department in Arizona that has a mobile purification truck. The truck is like a mobile science project, using reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light to purify the water.

Bolland says the first batch of beer using the water will be available later this year.

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