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Boise's Orange Bag Recycling Program Update

City of Boise

If you live in Boise and are running out of orange recycle bags, the city is changing the way you can get them.


Boise rolled out the orange bag program in the Spring of 2018. The city needed to find a way to recycle certain plastics after China’s ban on plastic imports and other changes in the global recycling market left them with few buyers. The orange bags can be used to recycle plastics labeled #4 through #7, as well as foam, plastic bags and wraps. That plastic is then turned into diesel fuel at a plant in Salt Lake City.


Last year, a roll of the special orange bags was sent out to customers who recycle. This month, Boise will send people a voucher that can be used at Albertsons, Target and the Boise Co-op to get a roll of 26 bags. The vouchers will be sent as a postcard — not with the normal utility bill.


The city says using the vouchers, instead of sending actual bags in the mail, will be more efficient and cut down on delivery issues.


Since last year, Boise has used the orange bags to collect over 300 tons of plastic.


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