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Boise State Public Radio Wins 17 Idaho Press Club Awards

The award-winning KBSX Newsteam!

Boise State Public Radio's newsroom, KBSX, took home 17 Idaho Press Club awards on Saturday, including eight first-place prizes.

KBSX content was entered in radio, online and print categories.

Here is a full list of winners.

General Excellence – Radio

  1. Matt Guilhem – KBSX
  2. Samantha Wright – KBSX

Spot News Report – Radio

  1. Tom Michael – KBSX – “Dozens March in Boise for Black Lives Matter Movement

Watchdog / Investigative Report – Radio

  1. Scott Graf, Samantha Wright, Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “Watering Idaho”
  2. Adam Cotterell – KBSX – “Is The National Heroin Epidemic Coming To Idaho?”

Serious Feature Report – Radio

  1. Adam Cotterell – KBSX – “Why We Don’t Know How Many People in Idaho Get Deported”
  2. Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “Idaho Law Needs To Change To Help Victims of Stalking”
  3. Matt Guilhem – KBSX – “A Push Is Underway for the State’s First National Park”

Honorable Mention - Samantha Wright – KBSX – “Soda Fire Horse Gives Insight into Wild Mustang Program”

Light Feature Report – Radio

  1. Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “How One Woman Rose To the Top of Wildland Firefighting”
  2. Samantha Wright – KBSX – “BSU Students Design Space Tool for NASA Competition”

Public Affairs Program – Radio

  1. Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “Speaking of Serial Episode 10”

Sports News Report – Radio

  1. Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “Idaho Olympic Cyclist Goes for Third Gold Medal”

Use of Sound – Radio

  1. Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “Nostalgic Hobby Became a Treasure Valley Holiday Tradition”
  2. Adam Cotterell – KBSX – “Go Behind the Scenes at Boise’s Escape Room Game”

Website – General Excellence –Online

2nd       Lacey Daley, Scott Graf, Samantha Wright, Frankie Barnhill, Adam Cotterell, Matt Guilhem, Tom Michael – KBSX - boisestatepublicradio.org

Best Podcast

2nd       Nate Poppino, Idaho Statesman & KBSX staff – “Speaking of Serial”

For more local news, follow the KBSX newsroom on Twitter @KBSX915

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