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Down, But Not Out -- Forbes Boots Boise Down 'Best Of' List

 A picture of the Idaho State Capitol building from the street.
J. Stephen Conn

Forbes Magazine is offering a mea culpa for a list they posted last month ranking Boise the second-best place in the nation for young professionals.

Turns out, Forbes meant to put a zero behind that two. Now, according to the magazine, Boise is the 20th best city for young professionals.

The new city that can crow about being second best is Austin, Texas. With Boise tumbling to near the bottom of the top 25, some other locales that now best the City of Trees include Northern California's East Bay, Wyoming – Michigan, that is, and Omaha, Nebraska.

Forbes blames the inaccuracy of the initial list on a data importing error. According to the Statesman, the magazine initially said one reason Boise ranked so high was due to the high percentage of adults with college degrees. That stat has been expunged from the revised article; with just around 30 percent of the adult population of Boise holding degrees, the figure certainly doesn't qualify as high when other locations on the list have populations where over 50 percent have college degrees.

Despite the downgrade, Forbes still credits Boise for its low unemployment rate and solid job growth projections.

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