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Irrigation Taxes Due In Treasure Valley

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Close to 5,000 property owners in the Treasure Valley haven’t paid their irrigation taxes. That can lead to fines, a lien or even seeing their home put up for auction to pay what’s owed.

It’s that time of year when 41,000 property owners need to pay their Nampa and Meridian Irrigation District 2018 irrigation taxes. The payment deadline is June 20.

Not paying those taxes for three years means the district can has the right to sell the property. Last August, six property owners faced a possible public sale because they hadn’t paid a combined total of $3,000 in taxes. The properties were worth $704,000.

District officials say many people mistakenly think if they don’t receive or use irrigation water, they don’t need to pay the taxes. But under Idaho law, everyone in the District must help pay to maintain the system. Others think the taxes are being paid by their mortgage company as part of their escrow payment.

You can find out if you still owe taxes at the Nampa and Meridian Irrigation District’s website.

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