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"Move Over" In Idaho For The New Fiscal Year

Idaho Transportation Department

Monday’s start to the fiscal year means that most new laws passed by Idaho’s Legislature go into effect—including the “Move Over” law.

The “Move Over” law took effect in 2006. It says drivers must slow down and move over for law-enforcement vehicles with flashing lights. The new addition to the law now forces drivers to move over for all emergency responders. That includes tow trucks and workers from the Idaho Transportation Department.

And “Move Over” is for more than just car wrecks. It protects ITD workers who are removing tires or other objects from the roadway. It also applies when workers are filling potholes or fixing guardrails.

The Department says the new law provides a buffer of a traffic lane to keep workers safe.

ITD’s Emergency Services Manager was the prime mover behind getting the law to legislators. It was brought forward by Representative John McCrostie of Boise.

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