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Police Say Remains Of Two Children Found At Chad Daybell's House In Eastern Idaho

Heath Druzin
Boise State Public Radio
Chad Daybell, upper left in striped shirt, attends a virtual hearing Wednesday after authorities found the remains of two children on his property in Salem, Idaho. Daybell was arrested for destruction of evidence.

Police are investigating the remains of two children found at the eastern Idaho home of Chad Daybell. His two stepchildren have been missing since September.

Investigators found the remains at the Salem, Idaho home of Chad Daybell, Tuesday. It’s the latest twist in the case of Daybell and his wife, Lori Vallow, that includes Vallow’s two missing children, the deaths of at least two other people and a bizarre trip to Hawaii.

The new information came out in a Wednesday bail hearing for Daybell who arrested Tuesday. Madison County Prosecutor Rob Wood asked for a $1-million bail for Daybell.

“Clearly, this is the beginning,” Wood said. “Now, an investigation into the deaths of children who are found on his property. And so that provides a strong incentive to flee.”

Fremont County Magistrate Judge Faren Eddins granted the bail request.

Daybell’s defense attorney argued for a significantly lower bail of $50,000. Daybell is charged with two counts of felony destruction of evidence in relation to the remains. His wife, Lori Vallow, was arrested in February and faces numerous felony charges, including desertion of her children. Her 17-year-old daughter Tylee and 8-year-old son JJ were last seen in September.

Daybell and Vallow have been the subject of intense police scrutiny for months and there’s been a frantic search for the kids, that has spanned several states, even as far as Hawaii. Authorities say Daybell and Vallow have refused to disclose where Vallow’s children are after initially lying about their whereabouts.

Investigators are also taking a new look into the deaths of Vallow and Daybell’s former spouses. Vallow’s brother shot and killed her estranged husband, Charles Vallow, in what was initially ruled self-defense. In December, Vallow’s brother was found dead and authorities initially said it was from natural causes. Daybell’s wife, Tammy Daybell, died in October and was initially ruled to have died of natural causes. Authorities have since exhumed her body for further investigation.

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