Leadership Giving

Members of the broadcast society play a significant role in enabling us to go above and beyond.

Leading members allow us to maintain 18 broadcast locations that reach outlying rural areas and provide us the ability to offer a wide range of news, talk, and music programs.

Broadcast society members, through their ability to make annual gifts of $1,000 and above, are philanthropic leaders whose support is integral to ensuring our continued ability to deliver a high standard of journalistic integrity that informs, engages and cultivates the intellect in a way that only public radio can.

For more information and to discuss your support of Boise State Public Radio, contact Tom Michael. Or, to become a broadcast society member now, click here.

Special opportunities are offered to broadcast society members:
  • Have a private tour of our facilities.
  • Meet program hosts and production staff.
  • Attend Boise State Public Radio events exclusive to Broadcast Society Members.
  • Automatically entered into Boise State Public Radio sweepstakes drawings.
  • Exclusive ticket offers to community events.