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Columnist On Mormon Church Stockpiling $100 Billion: 'I Get This Pit In My Stomach'

Michelle Quist is a commissioner for the Utah State Bar and columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune.
Michelle Quist

This week, the Washington Post reported that a whistleblower alleged leaders with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints had stockpiled more than $100 billion of tithes and donations that were intended to go to charity. The issue came into the spotlight when the whistleblower complaint to the IRS suggested the LDS church was building an investment portfolio and was allegedly not following federal tax rules.

Morning Edition host George Prentice spoke to Salt Lake Tribune columnist and attorney Michelle Quist, whose social media posts triggered a national social media conversation on the controversy.

“I just got this pit in my stomach. I don’t know if the church needed my six-month tithing, but I really needed it.”

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