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Boise's Concordia Law School Could Soon Be Part Of A New University

Chris Butler
Idaho Statesman

Concordia University’s School of Law in Boise may soon have a new name and be part of a new university.

Concordia University-Portland’s board of regents voted last week to close the Portland campus for financial and logistical reasons. That left Boise’s Concordia law school in a bind. Without that university’s backing, the law school’s costs could skyrocket.

Latonia Haney Keith is the Law School’s Interim Dean, and she said they’re already in negotiations with a new university partner.

“I don’t believe that there will be a gap. The entire focus for us right now is that we move smoothly through a transition and that we would officially transition to a new parent institution for our incoming Fall 2020 semester,” Keith said.

She said they should be able to announce their new university partner in the next few weeks. 

Keith added that they’re attractive to other universities because they’re one of only four law schools to achieve "a 100% ultimate bar passage rate." That means all of its 2016 students passed the bar within two years of graduation, according to the American Bar Association. But the school only received accreditation late last year

The last class of Boise law school students under Concordia will be on May 2 of this year.

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