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Little, McLean join Biden in New York to celebrate $6.1 billion in CHIPS money for Micron

An artist's rendering showing several multi-story, warehouse-like buildings all in a row, with parking in front and a view of natural and urban areas in the background.
Micron Technology
A rendering of Micron's Clay, New York-based mega fab manufacturing plant.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean and Idaho Gov. Brad Little are among political leaders joining President Biden in central New York Thursday to celebrate a $6.1 billion grant to Micron Technology. Part of that money will be spent in Boise.

Read the transcript below:

Oppie: The funding comes from the Chips and Science Act, passed last year to incentivize private companies to build the semiconductors powering everything these days from microwaves to cars, here in the U.S.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York says they expect the six billion plus dollars will generate 20 times the economic impact in New York and Idaho over the next 20 years.

Schumer: “For the federal government to put in $6 billion to get over $100 billion in investment, $125 total is is quite a great return”

Oppie: The Government is also facilitating $7.5 billion in loans for Micron, headquartered in Boise. The US Department of Commerce says the company can use the funds to build two semiconductor production facilities in Clay, New York, outside Syracuse, and one in Boise.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean calls the agreement a key to growing education and work opportunities in Boise.

McLean: “We have come to agreements about the investments that they intend to make in our community because they've received this. I'm going to make sure that this CHIPS investment turns into additional community investments, in addition to all the jobs and opportunity it will create.”

Oppie: Micron’s Boise production facility is expected to be operational in 2026. The mega fab in New York will come on line two years later.

Micron isn’t the only company to get Government funding. Intel, Samsung, and the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, TMSC, are each getting between $6.4 and $8.5 billion in grants through the Chips and Science legislation.

Troy Oppie, Boise State Public Radio News

Troy Oppie is a reporter and local host of 'All Things Considered' for Boise State Public Radio News.

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