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A celebration of life and community togetherness. What to expect at KYMfest 2024

"Kind Your Mind" banner, welcoming visitors to the memorial garden.
For You Network, Inc.
The "Kind Your Mind" banner welcomes visitors to the memorial garden at KYMfest in 2019.

KYMfest will be hosted at Lakeview Park on Saturday, June 1 in Nampa. It’s an annual festival to help those who are going through difficult times find kindness and community.

It started as a celebration of life for Kymberlee Larsen, who died in a domestic violence incident six years ago. Her sister, Chelsea Larsen, wanted to honor Kym’s memory and started KYMfest - the “Kind Your Mind” festival. She is also the founder of the nonprofit For You Network, Inc.

Kym's sister, Chelsea, is pictured here standing on stage in a rainbow tie-dye dress.
For You Network, Inc.
Chelsea Larsen is the Director of KYMfest and founder of the non-profit organization, For You Network Inc.

When asked about the festival and what services will be available, she said “What kind of sets us apart is that a large portion of our vendors are actually community resource booths,” and that by having so many resources in one place, it helps raise awareness about what's out there for people who are dealing with trauma and grief.

There will be a variety of activities and new contests for families to participate in, and a lineup of entertainment for all to enjoy at the festival this year.

Kids get to pet a camel named Clyde, who is standing next to his owner.
Manda Lynn
For You Network, Inc.
Clyde the Camel attends KYMfest every year and is popular with attendees of all ages, ready for families to pet him and take photos together.

Chelsea said they are expecting several organizations at KYMfest that specialize in counseling and services related to rehabilitation, mental health and violence prevention.

While not a faith-based event, Larsen says several churches will have booths, as will alternative healing groups and a large variety of local organizations people might be less familiar with.

“I have put an emphasis on making it as culturally diverse and inclusive as possible,” she said and hopes it will be easier for others to find something that works for them and their lifestyle.

A group of Folklorico dancers performing on stage in traditional and colorful dresses.
For You Network, Inc.
This is a group of Folklorico dancers performing on stage at KYMfest in colorful dresses. One of several diverse groups who attend the festival.

“We're all human, but we're from different walks of life, and we all struggle with similar things,” she added.

There will be a memorial wall where visitors are encouraged to write the names of loved ones who have passed and take a moment to honor their memory, as a way to continue the celebration of life.

“Kym spelled her name K-Y-M, so we adapted her name to mean ‘Kind Your Mind,” said Larsen. “That's what it's all about, compassion and coming from a place of love.”

To Chelsea, it’s important to focus on people’s humanity and not their differences. Healing is about how to find empathy and compassion for others and ourselves.

I am currently a junior at Boise State University majoring in Communication with Minors in Spanish and Mexican American Studies. I have also earned my certificate in American Sign Language (ASL). I am fortunate to have taken several educational and inspirational communication and media writing courses while at Boise State. I have been able to witness the power of communication at its best, and the dire consequences of a lack thereof. I seek to exist in a space where I am part of the flow of information, catalyst for positive change and a facilitator for inclusivity and respectful discourse.

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