Audrey Regan

Newsroom Intern

Audrey Regan is a newsroom intern at Boise State Public Radio. Audrey is returning to their hometown of Boise after completing a year of national service with AmeriCorps St. Louis and graduating from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. During that time, Audrey worked for both their university's student newspaper and radio station, and now they're excited to fuse those skills and to reconnect with the Boise community along the way.

In untrying and certain times, Audrey can be found sifting through new arrivals at The Record Exchange or spending an afternoon reading at Flying M. But for the duration of the pandemic, they plan to spend more time hiking the foothills and working on art from home.

Mae Gaines

My name is Mae Gaines and I'm the owner of Vegan Soul in Boise, Idaho.

I came from California. I've been a vegan for three years now. I went vegan one year after I got here to Boise.

Leta Harris Neustaedter

My name is Leta Harris Neustaedter. I am an arts educator, a musician, an actor, a licensed clinical social worker and community organizer.

Jordan Broncho

My name is Jordan Broncho. I work at Chief Tahgee Elementary. I am a Shoshone language teacher for kindergarten and first grade.

Now that Idaho residents 65 and older are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, overwhelmed scheduling systems, short supply, and cancelled appointments mean the rollout still needs improvement.

Camel's Back Park North End Trail
Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio


We Are Idaho is an ongoing series of stories from Boise State Public Radio featuring Idahoans from all walks of life telling their own stories, in their own words. In this episode, Jesse Levin tells us what it’s like to be a Black woman navigating Idaho’s outdoor recreation space — a space that isn’t always welcoming to people of color. 

Last week, Christina Lords turned down an offer from the publishing company McClatchy to return to her job as top editor at the Idaho Statesman. As Audrey Regan reports, McClatchy fired her after she advocated for newsroom resources on Twitter.

Audrey Regan

On Dec. 8, stickers with swastikas and the message “WE ARE EVERYWHERE” were found plastered over Boise’s Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. This was the second time Nazi imagery damaged the only Anne Frank memorial in the nation.

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The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare says it’s not true that federal COVID-19 vaccine reserves are depleted. The state says it will continue to receive doses as expected. 

Tai Simpson

Everything is based in stories. We want to be understood in our most human level, and storytelling is the easiest way to do that. When I create spaces for myself to be a storyteller, it's not so much about me. It's about making sure that folks around me also in that space know that they are storytellers. My name is The Storyteller, but everybody is capable of storytelling.

Dozens of lawmakers are calling for the removal of President Donald Trump via the 25th Amendment. As Audrey Regan  reports, that does not include Idaho’s delegation.

Close to 23,000 Idahoans have been immunized against the coronavirus, but Idaho health experts say the new coronavirus strain makes the vaccine rollout even more urgent. Audrey Regan has more.


It’s been a popular year to buy real christmas trees. Now that the holidays are coming to a close, what can you do to get rid of them the right way?

Darin Oswald / Idaho Statesman

More than 5,000 Idahoans have received a COVID-19 vaccine. Now that it’s here,  Idaho’s health officials are clearing up confusion and misinformation.

Marco Verch / Flickr Creative Commons

As more doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine arrive, health districts are still waiting on additional freezers to store them at ultra-low temperatures. But Moderna’s vaccine is on the way, and it’s not as logistically challenging. 

Jessie Levin

Jessie Levin helped plan last summer’s vigil at the Idaho State Capitol to remember African Americans killed by police violence. After the gathering, the organizers founded Inclusive Idaho, a nonprofit promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in Idaho.

Idaho hospitals have installed special new freezers to keep Pfizer’s new coronavirus vaccines at -94°F (-70°C). The vaccine storage temperature must be carefully monitored and maintained, and a Boise-based pharmaceutical company is playing a key role in this effort—here in Idaho, and nationwide.

St. Luke's Health System

The St. Luke’s Health System is ready to receive the first shipments of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine.

Wassmuth Center for Human Rights

Police are investigating the vandalism depicting Nazi symbolism found at Boise’s Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial on Tuesday morning. Photos shared by the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights show the memorial plastered with stickers bearing swastikas that read “we are everywhere.”

The Idaho State Board of Education is hosting a digital mental health summit tomorrow, December 8th. Audrey Regan has more on how educators around the state are working to take care of their students’ wellbeing.

Gabrielle Davis

My name is Gabrielle Davis. I am the owner and counselor for Equitable Counseling and Consulting based in Boise.

When I came here, I was looking for a way to serve my community. So I started to volunteer at ALPHA Idaho, which is a clinic, then I also volunteer at Youth Alliance for Diversity, which is a local LGBT youth social support group here in Boise.