Rachel Cohen

Reporter, South Central Idaho

Rachel Cohen joined Boise State Public Radio in 2019 as a Report for America corps member. She is the station's Twin Falls-based reporter, covering the Magic Valley and the Wood River Valley.

Rachel began her journalism career working at a local newspaper in Vermont. She interned on NPR's Science Desk in Washington, D.C., where she reported on food and health, and has most recently worked at New Hampshire Public Radio as a producer for All Things Considered. In New Hampshire, Rachel also contributed to coverage of state politics and the early days of the 2020 presidential primary.

She is a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, and enjoys spending her weekends in the mountains.

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When farmers use more efficient irrigation technology, it doesn’t always mean less water is used on crops. That’s according to a national report published by the Government Accountability Office in November.


Joshua Wells / Sun Valley Resort

Bogus Basin was the first ski resort in Idaho to open some terrain on Fridays through Sundays a couple weeks ago. This week more lifts around the state will start running.


The House Judiciary Committee passed this bill last week 18-12. Co-sponsors hope it receives a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives soon.

Samantha Wright/Boise State Public Radio

Water levels in the aquifer that much of Idaho relies on for irrigation and drinking water have rebounded over the past 10 years.


Frankie Barnhill/Boise State Public Radio

The College of Southern Idaho has received a grant from Idaho's Workforce Development Council to expand its non-traditional teacher certification program that began last year with 19 students.


Hollis Rumpeltes Architects

Blaine County’s Hunger Coalition is set to purchase a new building across the street from its Bellevue location that will triple the size of its current space.


National Centers for Environmental Information

Last month was the coldest October on record in Idaho, according to NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information. Records for statewide average temperatures date back to 1895.


Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

The Camp Fire erupted in Paradise, California one year ago and displaced about 50,000 people. Many stayed in Butte County, but others moved away, in search of affordable places to live. Sunni Hutchison was evacuated last year and is now living in Twin Falls.

For election results in Twin Falls and the Wood River Valley, we turn to South Central Idaho Reporter Rachel Cohen.

Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

Over the weekend, about 20 people gathered in front of the Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center in Burley to protest the death of an inmate that occurred in January.



Stethescope, Health Care, Doctor, Medical
Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

A new national report from Georgetown University shows children in the U.S. lost health insurance at a rapid rate during the past two years. The researchers say this trend emerged as states started dismantling and repealing segments of the Affordable Care Act.


Matt Guilhem / Boise State Public Radio

Update on 11/25/19: The House Judiciary Committee passed this bill last week 18-12. Co-sponsors hope it receives a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives soon.


A bipartisan group of House lawmakers, including Idaho representative Mike Simpson, introduced the Farm Workforce Modernization Act on Wednesday that would make it easier for farmworkers to gain legal status.


Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

In the College of Southern Idaho’s largest auditorium on Thursday, nine out of the 11 candidates running for city council in Twin Falls sat on stage, answering questions, not about the state of the city, but about "family values." Current mayor Shawn Barigar and candidate Michael Shaffer were not present.

Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

Over the past year, the Blaine County School District has been at the center of controversies.


Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

Randy Grant pulled his white pickup right onto his sugar beet fields to examine the harvest.


“I'll drive us around out here, try not to get us run over," he said. "There’s a lot going on in one of these harvests.”


Frankie Barnhill/Boise State Public Radio

There are 11 candidates running for four seats on the Twin Falls City Council. Seven candidates did not report any campaign contributions by the first campaign finance reporting deadline this month. 



Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has released a five-year report on the status of an abandoned mine near Triumph, an unincorporated town southeast of Ketchum, home to about 65 people.

Bald Mountain, Sun Valley
Christopher Koppes / Flickr Creative Commons

The U.S. Forest Service and the National Forest Foundation are holding community forums this fall to come up with solutions for forest health issues on Bald Mountain. The Forest Service and the Idaho Conservation League are holding a "Science Pub" talk on this topic on Wednesday evening at the Sawtooth Brewery Public House in Ketchum.


Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

This weekend, the Sun Valley area celebrated an industry that was around even before skiing. The Trailing of the Sheep festival tells the history of the sheepherding industry in the valley that is still very much alive today.

The anterless elk hunt will look a bit different this fall in the Wood River Valley.

Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

Over a dozen rows of blue solar panels stand in a grassy lot. This is the new solar field opened by Clif Bar. The panels will produce about a third of the energy needs for the company’s manufacturing plant in Twin Falls.


Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

Last week, researchers from the University of Idaho began taking soil samples on the site of the nation's largest research dairy.


Idaho Statesman

A national scorecard out this week, which ranks states by energy efficiency, puts Idaho in the middle of the pack — it tied for 30th place.



If you arrive in Ketchum from the south entrance, on the right side of the road you’ll pass a fenced-off lot that has been excavated and looks abandoned.


Tim Freed / Flickr Creative Commons

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming announced it is taking another step toward operating its ski lifts on renewable energy.