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Crapo Says Senate Will Try And Fail To Stop Sequestration Today

Mike Crapo

Sequestration is looming, with the across-the-board $85 billion federal budget cuts now less than a day away.  Among those watching closely to see what happens is Idaho Senator Mike Crapo.

As the deadline gets closer, Crapo expects several attempts to hold off sequestration.  He’s heard of at least three bills that will come up for a vote. “One will be on the President’s proposal to avoid the sequestration by raising taxes and setting off some of the sequestration by agreeing not to do it.” 

Crapo expects his fellow Republicans to nix that attempt.  Then he expects Republicans to float a proposal... “To replace sequestration with an equal amount of savings done in a better way.” 

In other words, targeted reductions, instead of across-the-board cuts.  But Crapo says Democrats will likely kill that idea.  Then he says the Republicans will try to keep the budget cuts, but give agency managers discretion about where to cut.  “To allow them to achieve the same level of spending reductions but to do so in a way that is less harmful to their programs and the economy.” 

Crapo likes that bill.  But he says President Obama doesn’t like it, so it will likely die as well. 

So after a day of attempts to stop sequestration, what does Crapo think will happen? 

“Ultimately, you’ll see the sequestration begin.” 

The automatic spending cuts are set to start tonight at midnight. 

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