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Idaho Lawmakers Get Lesson In Online Sales Tax Policy

Frankie Barnhill
Boise State Public Radio
A group of lawmakers has been studying tax policies while the Legislature is not in session.

Some Idaho lawmakers were briefed Wednesday on a streamlined sales tax policy during a meeting on potential changes to the tax code. Twelve legislators make up the Tax Working Group, which began holding public meetings earlier this month.

The Idaho State Tax Commission policy manager talked about the streamlined sales tax system. States like Utah and Wyoming already use the system, and it would make it easier for Idaho to collect online sales tax from people using sites like Amazon.

Right now, Idahoans are supposed to report their online purchases when filing state taxes. But according to the Idaho State Tax Commission policy manager, not many people do. Lawmakers asked questions of the tax commission policy manager, and discussed issues of fairness in taxation.

Representative Gary Collins (R-Nampa) co-chairs the group.

“It is a fairness issue, and it’s becoming a bigger and bigger fairness issue everyday with the internet sales growing.”

But Collins says federal law on internet sales taxes may need to be changed first.

The next meeting of the Tax Working Group is set for November 3rd.

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