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Polls Looking At Idaho Governor's Race: How Do They Work And What Are They Finding?

Glenda Alvarez

A recent story in the Idaho Statesman looked at two polls surveying respondents about who they’d vote for in this year’s gubernatorial election. There are several big GOP names running in Republican primary: Congressman Raul Labrador, Lt. Governor Brad Little and Boise businessman Tommy Ahlquist are among the conservative frontrunners.

The first poll the article looked at was from Idaho Politics Weekly – an outfit with significant financial support from Zion’s Bank. It found 36 percent of those surveyed were undecided about who they’d support for governor.

The second poll, one conducted internally by the Labrador campaign, found their candidate to be in the lead.

With the Statesman raising questions about polling in the Gem State – specifically, what independent polling outfits are here to conduct these surveys – we called Boise State Political Science professor and director of the Center for Idaho History and Politics, Justin Vaughn and asked him about polling and the race for Idaho’s top executive.

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