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New Polls Look At Idaho Governor's Race

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New polling looking at the race for Idaho governor is out. The numbers show slight changes and come from a recently formed political action committee.

The group behind the polls is called Idaho Voices For Change Now. The PAC only filed with the state last month. A spokesperson says the group doesn’t have ties or funding from the national Democratic Party.

Two polls were taken between July 12 and 15and August 2 and 5.

In the July poll, 26 percent of likely voters said they were “unsure” who they’d vote for if the election were that day. Brad Little, the Republican candidate, was favored by 38 percent of respondents, and Paulette Jordan, the Democrat, was the choice of 28 percent of those polled.

When the poll was conducted again earlier this month, Jordan held steady at 28 percent, support for Little dropped by 2 percent and those describing themselves as “unsure” jumped from 26 percent in July to 31 percent.

College of Idaho political economy professor Jasper LiCalzi says he’s not surprised by the high percentage of unsure voters.

“Especially before Labor Day, no one has really paid attention to it that much,” the professor says. “What I’d want to see is a poll, say in October – once the ads start hitting the air, once people start thinking about it.”

The margin of error for the July poll was around 2 percent while the August poll’s was around 3 percent. The PAC commissioned left-leaning Clarity Campaign Labs to run the numbers.

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