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Idaho Lawmakers Again Mulling Time Change Bill

Stuart B

A familiar proposal is making its way through the legislature again this session. Idaho lawmakers are exploring the possibility of doing away with the annual switch to daylight saving time.

The latest proposed time change legislation comes from Christy Zito, a Republican representative from Hammett.

“I probably get more calls and emails and conversation about daylight savings time than almost any other issue that comes up in meaningful conversation with people inside and outside my district,” Zito told her fellow legislators.

Zito’s plan would put all of Idaho on standard time year-round. After introducing her proposal, it was warmly received by Meridian Representative James Holtzclaw.

“I think it’s a mighty fine idea. Mighty fine, indeed,” Holtzclaw announced before moving to formally introduce the proposal.

Following Holtzclaw’s full-throated endorsement, other lawmakers on the House State Affairs committee raised several issues. They asked about how a time change would affect Idaho power companies as well as the legality of choosing one time over the other. Vito Barbieri, who represents Dalton Gardens, introduced another complication.

“The issue of the north is a concern,” Barbieri said soberly. “Many of us think that it’s important that we stick with the same time as Washington because we’re so close to Spokane.”

While technical questions linger, the committee passed Zito’s proposal unanimously.  For Idaho to opt out of daylight saving time, the bill would not only need to pass the state government but also get approval from Congress.

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