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Boise Mayoral Election Results Lead To Historic Runoff In December

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Emilie Ritter Saunders
Boise State Public Radio

Incumbent mayor Dave Bieter and City Council President Lauren McLean will go head to head in this historic race next month. But preparing for the election on short-term notice will be challenging.


“We’re gonna pack about four to five months' of work into the next 30 days," said Ada County Clerk Phil McGrane.

He joined Idaho Matters yesterday to break down how this election will work. Some things will be the same — like polling locations, early voting and absentee ballots. But McGrane said the turnout will probably be depressed. 

“This could have an entirely different electorate," he said.


McGrane estimated the runoff will cost the City of Boise around $100,000 dollars. If either candidate drops out, the election will still happen, says McGrane, because a majority vote is required to be mayor — which no candidate has. 

Boise did have a runoff in 2003, but that was for city council. McGrane said it’s not the same at all.


“So much has changed, so it’s tough to make any sort of apples to apples comparisons," he said.


Boise voters will cast their ballots on Tuesday, December 3.

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