LOCKED: How We Did This Story

Jul 8, 2019

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Our reporting team reviewed thousands of pages of public records including court documents, county records, Idaho Department of Correction documents, law enforcement records and also medical research papers. We also reviewed audio and video files obtained through public records requests from local and state agencies. 

This story also took us out in the field — to Fort Hall, the Shoshone-Bannock Indian Reservation where Adree Edmo grew up, and to Northern Idaho, where we interviewed one of the only surgeons in our region who performs gender confirmation surgeries. We also went to San Francisco to observe the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hearing for Edmo’s case. 

Reporter Amanda Peacher interviews inmates housed at Idaho State Correctional Institution, an all-male prison.
Credit Heath Druzin

We conducted interviews with legal, medical, mental health, criminal justice and health insurance experts. We consulted with LQBTQ activists and a Native American consultant about language and gender pronouns. We also consulted with NPR’s standards and ethics editor during production. We referenced the NLGJA stylebook for terminology.   

We requested interviews with the defendants multiple times by phone and email at various stages of the project. The Idaho Governor’s office, the Idaho Department of Correction, Corizon Health and the Idaho Attorney General’s office declined to interview with us, citing a policy to not conduct interviews while legal cases are pending. 

Early in our reporting process reporter Amanda Peacher exchanged emails with Adree Edmo. Peacher described who she is and why she was interested in Adree’s case. She also laid out her reporting process, and let Adree know that her emails would be on the record unless she specified otherwise. We unfortunately were not able to record an interview with Adree Edmo. Because her legal case is still pending, her attorneys did not want us to conduct an in-person or phone interview with her. 

Our team includes host/reporter Amanda Peacher, senior producer Frankie Barnhill, writer/producer Lacey Daley and reporter James Dawson. Kate Concannon is our managing editor.